what is black fungus – Does black fungus affect only Covid patients?

Does black fungus spread? Know more what is black fungus

what is black fungus know more – Does black fungus affect only Covid patients?  The second wave of corona virus (Corona Second Wave) has been declining for several days now. In the midst of this corona epidemic, the myocardial infarction epidemic has spread. Patients recovering from covid are now more likely to be infected with this fungus. The fungus enters the patient’s body mainly through the nose and mouth. It then implants in the lungs and other parts of the body.

what is black fungus - Does black fungus affect only Covid patients?

Covid patient can effective by this fungus

Infection of this fungus causes severe damage to the sinuses, brain and lungs of the human body. This fungus can be fatal in people who have diabetes, who have covid, who have very low immunity, who are suffering from cancer, HIV, AIDS. Health experts point to steroids, excess diabetes and a dirty environment as the main causes of this disease. Recently a post on social media went viral. The news spread like wildfire on social media, distorting the name of a popular news outlet there. Many were terrified. But does this fungus really spread through chickens? Let’s find out the truth and the opinion of health experts.

what is black fungus - Does black fungus affect only Covid patients?

What do doctors think about the possibility of fungus infection from chicken meat?
Dr. NC Panwar, a member of the Homeopathic Medical Association of India at CL Panwar Hospital, has been consulted to verify the veracity of such reports.

what is black fungus - Does black fungus affect only Covid patients?

The black fungus has nothing to do with chicken. Black fungus infection cannot spread from humans or any animal to other people. This fungus floats in the air. Which enters the human body through any cut, burn etc. wound. In addition, if the body is weak, diabetes and any other chronic disease or if the body has low immunity, this deadly fungus can lodge in the body. According to doctors, any Kovid patient or Black Fungus patient can safely eat chicken or chicken meat. It will benefit.

What did PIB say about this fungus?
The Press Information Bureau’s (PIB) fact-checking team tweeted that the government had confirmed the claim, saying it was a rumor. “This claim on social media is completely untrue and there is no scientific evidence that the Black Fungus can spread from chickens or any other animal to humans,” he tweeted.

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In addition, no national report has been published stating that the Punjab government has declared poultry farms as black fungus infected areas due to black fungus.

Take special care of all these things to prevent the infection of this fungus
If you have recently become Coronavirus, check your blood sugar regularly and try to control it.

Keep your immune system healthy Eat foods that can boost immunity.
Stay away from intoxicants like alcohol, bidi cigarettes etc. and always keep the surroundings clean and tidy.

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