diabetes What are the symptoms of diabetes

What are the symptoms of diabetes. Diabetes is due to various reasons. Let’s not know through this article and get the information about all

diabetes -The tendency to eat water increases.
Have to urinate repeatedly.
The rate of urinary withdrawal increases again and again, especially at night.
Gets extra hungry
Keep your body weight down.
Body fatigue begins to subside with little effort.
The body is affected by various infections.
Facial infections are more frequent.
It takes time to heal any wounds in the body.

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Mainly, two tests can tell whether you have diabetes.

Fasting Sugar: If you check for blood from an empty stomach for half an hour, it is believed that if the blood sugar level is 126 mg or more per deciliter, there is it in the body.
Post-fatty sugar: Wait 75 hours after consuming 75 grams of glucose, then if blood tests are done, then 1 person has diabetes if blood glucose level is above 200 mg per deciliter.

Besides, there are some more specialized tests according to medical scriptures, they are also important.

The following are the types of people who can be infected with diabetes.

Weight gain or body fat levels are high. Insulin resistance is especially high when the stomach becomes obese or brown.
Excessive dose intake can also cause the disease.
Regular body exercise helps the body to absorb sugars. People who do not exercise at the same time are more likely to get diabetes.
Strong anxiety is a leading cause of it. Sugar levels increase in the body.

Remember, it can take on a great deal of body problems. For example, other organs of the body can be heart disease, kidney disease, stroke, nerve disease etc.

So regular body exercises, the right amount of food, the worry free mind can keep you away from diabetes. And regulate body weight.

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