US help to India $ 2.9 million For the fight with Corona

US help to India $ 2.9 million For the fight with Corona

The number of coronary virus cases in India is steadily increasing, till today, the total 834 number of people infected with coronas virus in India and the total number of coronary infections has increased to 19.

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Health experts, including doctors, fear that if the number of victims increases in this way, India will reach Stage Three.

According to the United States, they have created a fund of about $ 14,000.

Countries that have been affected by the coronary virus will be financed.
India also has a name among the eighty-six countries affected by the Coronavirus.

US help to India
India will get $ 2.5 million, with Indian currency worth Rs 22 crores.
The US Embassy in India has informed that the Indian currency will receive a total grant of Rs 22 crore which will allow India to build more advanced infrastructure.

India will be one step ahead of India in the fight against Corona if the better infrastructure is built.

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However, the number of victims is increasing. If no one is alert, then the virus will eventually become more pandemic in India.

Who has been told that they are developing a vaccine to cure corona which will take 12 to 6 months to fully form.

Until then, everyone has to be careful.
Only our caution can prevent the spread of corona.

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