sonu sood latest news honored by Spice Jet proud Sonu Sood

honored by Spice Jet proud Sonu Sood

Sonu Sood, who helped millions of workers and poor people reach their homes through free buses, trains and planes during the Corona epidemic last year, has received much praise from home and abroad. This time a domestic airline has honored the actor in a fancy way for his admirable work.

Domestic airline SpiceJet has carved a large picture of poor ‘Masiha’ actor Sonu Sood on its SpiceJet Boeing 737 to greet Sonu Sood. There is also a special line in English for Sonu with this picture – ‘A Salute to the Savior Sonu Sood’.

During the lockdown after the coronavirus outbreak in 2020, SpiceJet and Sonu Sood jointly arranged for the repatriation of several thousand Indians, including 1,500 Indian students stranded in Kyrgyzstan. Hundreds of Indian nationals stranded in Russia, Uzbekistan, Manila and Almaty were repatriated to India.

Speaking to reporters, the actor said, “It is a great honor for me. It reminded me that when I first came to Mumbai, I came here on unreserved tickets. Now that SpiceJet has given me this honor, I am very proud. I can’t say how good I feel. ”

sonu sood latest news honored by Spice Jet proud Sonu Sood

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After greeting SpiceJet to pay homage to the real-life hero, he tweeted, “I still remember coming from Moga to Mumbai on an unprotected ticket. Thank you all for all the love. I miss my parents even more today. ”

He moved to Mumbai from Punjab with the dream of becoming an actor. She lost her mother Saroj Sood in 2006. The actor’s father Shakti Sood died in 2016. Sonu Sood shared a heartbreaking letter on her mother’s death anniversary last year. By the way, if I could sit in the theater with you and watch my movie.

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