Sitaram Yechury latest News : washed away state leaders of Bengal ?

How did the CPIM reach zero? Delhi leaders have washed away state leaders on Alimuddin Street

Sitaram Yechury latest News  – The meeting of the state committee of CPIM has started in Kolkata from last Thursday. On the first day of the meeting, the reasons for the party’s defeat in the Assembly elections in West Bengal were discussed. The big state leaders of the party were present at today’s meeting. And the question of Yechury directly in front of them, who is responsible for the party’s rate in the assembly elections in West Bengal?

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Sitaram Yechury latest News : washed away state leaders of Bengal ?

The party has never had such a catastrophe since independence. The CPM Central Committee tried to review the results of the West Bengal Assembly elections in this way.
After three and a half decades in power, how did the party reach zero in just 10 years?
Sitaram Yechury and Prakash Karat have chosen a number of ‘names’ to review.
The Central Committee’s report identified six main causes of the catastrophe. Which is basically, the comrades of Delhi have washed away the state leaders on Alimuddin Street.

How did the CPIM reach zero ?

The first cause of the catastrophe mentioned in the review report is a simple confession.
The first reason, it said, was that despite the opposition to the BJP and the flaws of the Trinamool’s 10-year rule, the people of Bengal did not see the United Front as an ‘alternative’.
The second reason is the question of the formation of a united front. The CPM’s central committee also felt that the alliance with Abbas Siddiqui’s party, the Indian Secular Front (ISF), was not well received.

Sitaram Yechury latest News : washed away state leaders of Bengal ?

Reason Analysis by CPIM State Committee Meeting at Alimuddin Street

Though Abbas’s ISF spoke of a “secular” policy, the leaders of the Gopalan Bhavan felt that they could not break out of their identity as a “Muslim organization”.
As a result, the voters of the state did not accept that alliance. The report also said that the alliance could not be a “permanent solution”.

The CPM Central Committee has also considered what has been said about the party’s land acquisition policy in the Assembly election campaign as a cause of tragic results.
According to them, the slogan used for industrialization before the Singur-Nandigram movement, ‘Agriculture is our foundation, industry is our future’, should not have been used in the campaign for the last assembly elections.

The Central Committee thinks that this slogan reminds the people of that situation of the past once again. Which created the distance of the CPM with the rural people at that time.

The report of the central leaders also criticized the CPM state leadership for not giving due importance to the politics of polarization. That being said, not being able to present the matter in the right way is a big failure. The Sachar Committee report speaks of the security, equality and identity of minorities. In Bengal only the issue of security has been given importance.
However, the CPM’s central committee has blamed the Trinamool Congress for the rise of the BJP instead of the CPM as the main opposition party.

Sitaram Yechury latest News : washed away state leaders of Bengal ?

Sitaram Yechury latest NewsAccording to their report, the Trinamool has given land to the RSS and the BJP in Bengal. The state CPM has made a mistake in campaigning for the BJP by attacking the BJP-Trinamool equally.
It should be remembered that the state’s main rival to the CPM is the BJP. That is, once again the CPM’s theory of state leadership has been thwarted. Incidentally, CPM state secretary Suryakanta admitted through the net that the ‘BJMul’ theory was wrong after the mixed vote. It has also been acknowledged in writing in a recent CPM document.

The report of the Central Committee further said that the CPM in Bengal could not understand the anti-institutional wind. He has been seen more than the wind. According to the report, the anti-Mamata Banerjee government was understood in the results of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. But the Trinamool’s various attempts to overcome it before the Assembly vote were not taken into account at all.

CPM general secretary Sitaram Yechury directly threatened Surya-Biman at the first meeting of the state committee after the assembly elections collapsed. He made it clear that if the vote does not succeed in politics, the leaders will have to resign. No matter how great a leader he is.

Sitaram Yechury latest News – In today’s meeting, Sitaram Yechury blamed the party’s wrong tactics for re-election. He said that this collapse is due to making strategy without talking to people. The demands of the people were not reflected in the propaganda of CPIM. Rather, it has gained importance as a baseless theory like BJmul. After that, the general secretary of the party made it clear to the state leadership that those who could not, should leave. The team needs new blood now. He even hinted at setting a maximum age limit for state committee members in the form of a central committee.

The CPM could not win a single seat in the state assembly elections. Many leaders are disappointed with the current situation of the party in 10 years after 34 years of rule. Many grassroots activists of the party complained that the rate was due to lack of foresight on the part of the leadership. However, no state leader of the party has resigned even after the collapse.

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