Rajnath Singh says It is very shameful and against the dignity of the Parliament

defense Minister Rajnath Singh has strongly condemned what opposition MPs have done in the Rajya Sabha over the passage of the Agriculture Bill.

Several Union ministers, including Rajnath Singh and Piyush Goel, met reporters on Sunday evening. There, Rajnath said, the behavior of the opposition MPs in the Rajya Sabha while opposing the Agriculture Bill is very shameful and against the dignity of the Parliament. The Center has not included anything in the agriculture bill which is against the interests of the farmers.

The Defense Minister further said that the opposition is trying to mislead the farmers of the country with the agricultural bill. Support prices for farmers have not been discontinued. Instead, they will get higher prices than before and will be able to sell the product as they wish. I am also a child of a farming family.
I don’t think the government will take any measures that will aggravate the plight of the farmers.

Regarding the behavior of the MPs, Rajnath further said that the behavior of the MPs in the Rajya Sabha today, no matter how much it is condemned, is less. Such an incident has not happened in the history of Parliament. Going to the deputy chairman’s seat and shouting slogans, grabbing his mic and trying to tear the rulebook is unprecedented. Just as it has tarnished the image of those MPs, it is also against the image of Parliament.

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