Coronavirus: Prince Charles tests positive

Coronavirus: Britain’s Prince Charles has been attacked by Corona. His current age is 71 years. How could the coroner’s virus have been found in the body of the prince even after so many warnings!

The whole world is horrified by the coronavirus. In every country, many people are being infected with Coronavirus.

Prince Charles is infected with the Coronavirus. One of the big news is that Prince Charles of Great Britain has been infected with the Coronavirus.

Earlier, many people in Britain had been infected with the coroner virus this time in the coroner’s royal family.

Britain’s news media have been informed by the royal family that a coronary virus infection has been found on Prince Charles’ body. He is 71 years old but is physically stable.

Rajkumar’s wife Camila has been examined by doctors. However, his body has not yet been infected with the Coronavirus. However, both are in isolation at Baumol.

He was at home and was alerted, but many have been skeptical about how the coronary virus entered his body.

422 people in Britain are still infected with Coronavirus.

News of his trauma has triggered new panic at Buckingham Palace. Concern has been raised over whether senior members of the virus are infected.

Prince Charles has also been spotted avoiding a handshake over the past few days. Nevertheless, he suffered from this disease.

Honorable British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a three-week lockdown in Britain. He announced the lockdown while addressing the nation in London on Monday.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that during this lockdown, no one will be able to set foot outside the home without exercise, emergency supplies and buying drugs. No more than two can be assembled at one go. He said the violators would be punished. If someone disobeys or breaks the lockdown law, the fine will be £ 5. He said the police could take action against anybody if he refused

The British Prime Minister said that in these three weeks, nothing would be closed except for the necessity of a regular shop. He must tell the people of the country to stay home. He announced that libraries, playgrounds, gymnasiums, and even sanctuaries would be closed at this time. The British Prime Minister announced that the public meetings would not be limited even if the park was open

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Social events, weddings and religious gatherings will be closed. After three weeks the situation will be understood and what should be done at the next level

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Boris Johnson’s view of the situation in the country, confronting Coronavirus, is one of the most dangerous threats of the century to Britain. If the virus does not stop its spread, the whole world will have to face a dire situation

So in this situation, everyone has to work in unison. Otherwise, there will come a time when no health system in the world will be able to cope with this coronavirus. Because the mortality rate will reach such a level that doctors, nurses, even ventilators, intensive beds will not be available for treatment.

So be careful. Don’t be intimidated. The only caveat is that the Coronavirus is a major tool to control.

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