Mehmood Biography Great Comedian Hindi Cinema

Mehmood Biography – The Great Comedian Mehmood Let’s learn about many unknown stories in his life.

Mehmood Ali In the movie world we know him as Mehmood. He was once one of the most popular actors in the Hindi cinema world.

Mehmood Biography : Even if he did not play the lead role in the movie, the audience would get a huge crowd to watch his performance. He was almost equal to the heroes. She was seen more often in comic roles.

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Although he is not today, his outstanding performance remains one of the favorite performers of any age. Apart from acting, he was well established as a singer, director and producer. His comic roles were loved by all.

He was an Idol of the many comedy actors in.

Biography of Great Comedian Mehmood Let’s learn about many unknown stories in his life.

Mehmood Birth Place: He was born on September 29, 1932 in Bombay, India. Father Mumtaz Ali was a character actor and dancer. One of his own dance group was the name “Mumtaz Ali Nites” father Mumtaz Ali was particularly popular in the 40s.

Mehmood’s older sister Minoo Mumtaz was also a very famous dancer and character actress.

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Mehmood Filmy Career: Mehmood started acting in the cinema world as a child artist, in the movie Kismat. However, he had to work hard to get into the acting world. Even after working as a Child Actor, he could not be established that way. He used to drive the famous director P. L. Santoshi, the father of famous producer and director Raj Kumar Santoshi, to do poultry business. He even used to play table tennis with popular actress Meena Kumari.

In the early 1950s Meena married Kumari’s sister Madhu and they had a son. At that time he was a C.I.D. (1956 film) Get a chance to perform. But again the failure.

He was forced to play small roles in various movies like Do Bigha Zameen and Almond Dealer. Even though he was called unnoticed roles, he did not give up. You have to make money to run the family.

Qaidi No. 1959 The acting life of the 911 movie starts out well. But success came from the 1970s. He has a total of 300 films he plays. Each of which has made an impression in the minds of the performers.

Mehmood was nominated for 25 Cinema Awards at Filmfare and received 9 awards for ‘Best Performance in a Comic Role’.

In 1994, his last performance was in the Andaz Apna Apna movie where Aamir Khan Salman Khan Karisma Kapoor starred Robina Tandon.

He gave many actors/actresses in the cinema world. Notable names are Amitabh Bachchan, R D Barman, Rajesh Roshan

Finally, on July 23, 2004, he breathed his last in the American city of Pennsylvania. He was in that city for a long time to treat himself.

His fans have not forgotten him. Yet, fans at Mehmood Studio (Mumbai Bandra) pay tribute to him.

Hum Kale O to Kya Hua Dil Baale Hai. Really he was in Dil Baale

Later, his son Lucky Ali, whose real name was Maqsood Ali, became famous as a composer. Many people remember that song, say, “keu chalte hay paban” from the Film Kaho na payr hay

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