A lawsuit against China for $ 20 trillion By USA

Big News: lawsuit against China US lawyer Larry Klayman sued China for $ 20 trillion (as indian currency Rs 1,52,56,00,00,00,000.00)

According to the latest data from the lawsuit against the China World Health Organization website, the Coronavirus was first published in Wuhan city of China, gradually spreading to 4 countries or regions, infected more than 4,000 people and killed more than 4,000 people. The number of infections is increasing day by day. Gradually, the virus has become an epidemic.

American lawyer Larry Klayman sued China for $ 20 trillion (Indian value of $ 1,52,56,00,00,00,000.00) because it infected more than 334,000 people around the world with the coronavirus, which was first exposed in China and in China. The virus is spread all over the world.

Larry Klayman, a Texas-based company, sued Larry Klayman US District Court on behalf of his advocacy group Freedom Watch and Light Photos, alleging that the Coronavirus was “designed by China as a biological weapon of war”, which is again US law.

The lawsuit says China has signed an agreement stating that it will not use any biochemical weapons. But the agreement was violated by the Chinese on the attack on the Coronavirus. Which is a crime?

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lawsuit against China

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It has also been said that a Chinese laboratory in Wuhan province, China, was conducting various tests for the coronavirus. And by this virus, China has been trying to destroy its enemy countries. People from many countries around the world, including US citizens, are infected today, and many people are dying from the coroner virus.

The virus is spreading from China to at least 334,000 people in 189 countries today and the number is increasing day by day.

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COVID-19 is a very dangerous disease because it is of a very aggressive nature, designed to convert from one person to another on behalf of China and the virus spreads so quickly and easily, no vaccine has been found yet, as it is a new disease.

He clearly mentions in his case that it is a biochemical weapons weapon designed in China Which China has used in a planned way

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