How much does youtube pay per view

how much does youtube pay per view? it is a very common question for every People how looking for earning from youtube.
from this article, we will cover all this.
Firstly, Youtube is one of the best video streaming platforms in the world with the trust of Google.

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Youtube is a medium where you can upload your video audio. And you can earn millions from that video or audio. Videos can be your blog, or any movie or news or cooking show, any kind of video. Many people make their videos more interesting so that those who come to Youtube and watch those videos get more entertainment.
Because they make money from this video. This is a very common method and has become so popular in every country that as the number of viewers is increasing every time, the number of people earning from this Youtube is also increasing in the same way.
The most interesting thing is that there is no cost to upload your own videos on Youtube. Youtube does not have to pay for this. Instead, you can make a living from those videos. So one of the most profitable mediums today is Youtube

How much does youtube pay per view

Many want to know, How much does youtube pay per view?
To answer this question correctly, there are several things to know. Otherwise, the answer to this question will not be found. It’s not like a specific payment is available per view from Youtube.
First of all, the only means of payment that comes from Youtube is advertising. And the price of this ad depends on the price of each country and the quality of any video.

how much youtube pay for 100 views

The kind of video that people like more and more tend to increase their views. At the same time, the price of the advertisement also increases. So keep in mind that the more views the video has, the higher the price of the ad that will come.
So if you have to earn more from your video, then that video should be to the level of people’s choice. Then they will watch those videos and your video views will continue to grow. And with that comes the price of the ads in the video. Your income will also increase.

how much does youtube pay for 100 million views

The bigger the video, the more views. The more advertisements that come in the video, the more the amount of income will increase. f you have any questions about how to make BVO, please comment. Share this post with everyone. So that this information reaches everyone. The next video will have a detailed discussion on how to create a Youtube channel, how to make a video, etc.
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