Hantavirus was found in China after Corona

Hantavirus news: A new virus has been discovered in China after Corona. Already, a Chinese citizen has died in the outbreak of the Hantavirus.

On the other hand, the global epidemic has taken the form of the Coronavirus. Around the world, many people are dying from the coronavirus. No medicine has been developed to deal with the virus yet.

Just then another new virus was discovered in China. The name is Hanta Virus.

Three and a half thousand people have already died in the coroner. Now, if the outbreak of the Hantavirus starts, no one knows what that might be.

Hantavirus news:

According to international media reports, a person was infected with the Hantavirus in China’s Shandong province and died on the way. Everyone thinks that he may have been killed by the Coronavirus. But a new virus, called Hanta, was found in his heart.

The news was acknowledged by the Chinese government’s own media, Global Times. But doctors say the new Hantavirus is not so horrible as the Coronavirus. It is not infected in humans. Only rats and cats can actually be infected by this virus.

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In the meantime, the new Hauntavirus has become a boon for social media. Everyone is blaming China. So how does one country get such a virus after another and the human death from it, so the whole world is surprised?

China has not received such a warning message from the Coronvirus before. If the virus had been reported to the world in advance, other countries would have been more cautious.

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Coronavirus was first detected in China. It is heard that in China, the Coronavirus was tested on an animal. The next time the animal came into the media and spread it, the Coronavirus could not be dealt with in any way.

Every day, the number of people infected with the virus is increasing in panic

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