Corona Antidote Israel Step Closer to finding

How will it be used if the invention of the Corona antidote?

The antidote of Corona Virus COVID19

Now All The People over the world suffering the Epidemic Covid 19, the number of victims is increasing and many people are dying day by day. The Corona Virus has become epidemic worldwide.

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Multiple countries are still taking steps to combat Corona. Lockdown going on. On the one hand, the invention of Antidote of the Coronavirus is ongoing. Many Countries are trying to invention The Antidote of Covid19

The antidote of Covid19 Testing at the Israeli Army’s BioCanical Defense Lab is a proto-type anti-Corona virus. As a result, the antidote Coronavirus is a bit more advanced.

Under the current circumstances, everyone is trying their best to exploit their performance and technology to prevent the discovery of The Antidote of Coronavirus.

In this case, Israel showed some hope. The goal is now to discover the anti-Corona virus in everyone’s efforts. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called on all doctors and scientists to join for the Antidote of the Coronavirus.

According to sources, the anti-Corona virus has just tested the proto-type against Corona. Only if the test is successful can be sure.

According to Prime Minister Netanyahu office staff, IIBR Director Samuel Shafira has stated that it is still in the initial stages. However, it will take some time, but it is not known exactly how long it will take. However, it is known that work has already been started on that test. This is almost a wartime situation so that a positive step can be taken to prevent this coronary virus as soon as possible. So that more people can be prevented from transmitting the coronavirus before it gets infected.

Earlier, IIBR chief Iran Jahvi said that total scientists were working in groups of three to study Coronavirus day and night to find the correct antibiotic. He also said that they are trying to jointly try to prevent the discovery of the virus.

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However, since everyone is working with the virus, there is no danger, so they have to work very slowly, he said. Already, the number of people in that country is about 1. Besides, several have died. The number of victims is increasing daily. Even Israel is undergoing a lockdown.

According to sources, Prime Minister Netanyahu and army chief Aviv Kahvei went to the Self-Isolation following the virus outbreak. But after the Prime Minister’s medical examination, the whole country has breathed a sigh of relief for the disappearance of the virus. However, the medical report of the army chief has not yet arrived. After receiving the report in hand, it will be understood what the current state of his body is.

However, the biggest challenge is now to test the anti-Corona virus. Because this deadly virus has no effect on the animal’s body, it is important to be vigilant about the antibiotic test for everyone involved in the virus. In addition, people who have already recovered from the virus have been tried to preserve plasma in their body. Hopefully, some clues can be found in that direction.

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