Afghanistan News 17 August – How will the Indians be returned?

Indians are stranded in Kabul as air services are closed. Learn the details of how to return them.

AFGHANISTAN NEWS AUGUST 17 – Many Indians are stranded in Afghanistan, according to current news reports of Afghanistan. Air services are currently suspended in Afghanistan. As a result, everyone trapped in Afghanistan is terrified. How to return the expatriate Indians stuck in Afghanistan?

According to Delhi sources, the process of repatriation of Indians has been suspended due to the closure of flights to Kabul. It has been reported from Delhi that the Indians will be repatriated as soon as the air service is launched. So the Indian government is waiting for the launch of air service in Kabul.

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Many Indians are stranded in Afghanistan

Afghanistan News 17 August. How will the Indians be returned?

After the Taliban took control of Kabul, Indian Foreign Ministry spokesman Arindam Bagchi said on Monday, “The situation in Kabul has continued to deteriorate over the past few days. As we talk, things are changing. The Indian government is keeping a close eye on the situation in Afghanistan. Timely guidelines are being issued for the safety and security of Indians in that country. They have also been instructed to return to the country immediately.

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What is the current situation in Afghanistan?

Afghanistan News 17 August. How will the Indians be returned?

AFGHANISTAN NEWS AUGUST 17, On the other hand, after the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan on Sunday, the people of Afghanistan are desperate to leave the country. Many people have been coming to Kabul airport since Sunday night. Even on the way to Kabul airport, heavy traffic has been created. Afghans are requesting to leave the country by military plane. And in exactly that situation, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs has significantly stated, “We are in constant contact with the people of the Afghan Sikh and Hindu communities. Those who want to leave Afghanistan will be repatriated to India. At the same time, the Government of India has been assured that it will stand by the Afghans who have contributed to the mutual development and expansion of the education system. “

The process of repatriating Indians from Afghanistan has been halted due to the closure of civilian flights at Kabul airport.

According to the latest news from Afghanistan, the Indians stranded in Afghanistan will be repatriated as soon as the air service resumes.

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