8 Common Eye Cream Mistakes That You Should Stop Making

8 Common Eye Cream Mistakes you should stop making

8 Common Eye Cream Mistakes: Eye cream may be a life-saver for those handling under-eye issues. Dark circles, puffiness, bags under the eyes, crow’s feet- you name it, an eye fixed cream helps treat of these issues. No wonder that it’s one among the most-loved products of skincare enthusiasts. If you’re not already obsessing over this product, you would like to use it right away!

With that being said, even a professional at using skincare products might make some mistakes when it involves using an eye fixed cream. These are small mistakes, often overlooked, which will hinder you from getting the complete advantage of this excellent product. and that is not acceptable to us!

8 Common Eye Cream Mistakes That You Should Stop Making

So here we are sharing with you all the common eye cream mistakes that you simply should stop making ASAP.

Using an excessive amount of Product

It is a misconception that the more product you employ, the simpler it’s getting to be. For a neighborhood as small as your under eyes, the less is more approach works the simplest. you do not got to attack the under eye area with many product. Just a pea-size amount of the merchandise is enough.

Also, eye creams aren’t exactly cheap, so using it wisely is that the most suitable option.

Applying Eye Cream within the Wrong Order

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The order of applying skincare products is basically important for them to figure as intended. If you ruin the order, you’re likely to not get the results you expected. It can even cause damage to the skin. We also understand that as you increase the amount of products, the probabilities of you messing up the order during which they’re alleged to be applied increases.

8 Common Eye Cream Mistakes That You Should Stop Making

A simple hack to stop that’s to travel by the thickness of the skincare product that you simply are using. Skincare follows the rule of lighter to a thicker consistency. meaning, while layering the skincare products, the lighter one goes first with the thicker one on top. So, if your eye cream is heavier than your moisturiser, you would like to use it after the moisturiser and the other way around. In any case, read the instructions on the merchandise to be really sure

Applying Eye Cream On Dry Skin

Another common mistakes that folks do while using an eye fixed cream is to use it on dry skin. a bit like a moisturiser, an eye fixed cream also works best when applied on damp skin. the merchandise gets absorbed easily on damp skin. Applying the merchandise on damp skin also helps to lock within the moisture, nourishing your under-eye area.


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