58 Indians returning from Iran Terror of Coronavirus

Breaking News : 58 Indians returning from Iran Terror of Coronavirus

Iran ranks second in the world in the attack of the Coronvirus. Indian Air Force aircraft carrying 58 Indians stranded in Iran is returning to C-17 Globemaster

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After China, Iran ranks second in the world in the transmission of this Coronvirus . The number of Corona virus infections is increasing steadily in Iran. Sources say there are at least 300 Indian nationals throughout Iran. An Air Force plane from Tehran, Iran, is bringing 58 Indians back to their first steps. The aircraft will land at Ghaziabad’s Hind Air Force, where a physical examination of 58 Indians returning from Iran is performed. Then the Indian government will take the next step.

Terror in Coronavirus :

Indian citizens terrified of the Corona virus in Iran are appealing to return to India via social media. At least 300 Indian nationals are trapped in different parts of Iran. The appeal of Indians trapped in Iran through social media has become increasingly viral.
A special team of the Indian Air Force first brought 58 Indian nationals back to Tehran Airport from Iran, under the auspices of the central government.

The whole world is horrified by the Coronavirus. The virus originated in China. Gradually, the virus continues to grow in the form of epidemics. Humans are very quickly infected with the corona virus. The victims are suffering from coronary virus infection. About 2000 people have died in China so far. Corona virus has created a dire situation in Iran.
In India, many have been affected. They are undergoing treatment. Special surveillance is being carried out by the Central and State Government Health Department so that new infections can be taken quickly. Even foreign travel from Bollywood has been postponed. Many actresses have postponed their trip abroad. Those who are abroad are also returning fast.

According to sources, steps will be taken to understand that the Corona virus will be tested before arriving from abroad.

In the horror of the Corona virus, many people have omitted foods from their diet, especially chicken and some fish. The number of coronary virus cases in India was 39, but as of Monday, 6 more people have been infected with the corona virus.

External Affairs Minister Jaishankar, has been talking to Iran on how to bring all Indians back home soon. If the green signal is received by the Iranian government, the air force from the Indian government will bring the Indians trapped in Iran. Blood samples of all Indians from overseas are being sent to Delhi for examination.

The Indian Air Force’s C-17 Globemaster aircraft flew to Tehran last Monday to bring 58 Indians back from Iran. Sources say that only 58 of the total Indians trapped in Iran could return tonight.

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